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Our Products and Services

The series of pictures from #1001 to #1011 are all approximately 12"x11".  They are $7.95 each.  Shipping and handling is $2.50. The shipping and handling charge covers one or more pictures.  Only the pictures that are numbered are available for purchase at this time.

The photographer will sign the pictures if you request, along with payment.


#1009 Colts dusting off and playing "King Of The Hill."  Horses learn this game when they are young foals.

#1010 A band of horses traveling.  The stallion is at the back of the band and the lead mare is at the front.  This is the normal position of these horses during travel.  This band of horses is traveling toward water.  In this area the horses travel up to 15 miles for water.

#1011 This is a band of colts standing at attention.  Some horse  herds are made  up of many bands.  When the herd is gathered the colt bands will stay to the outside of the other horses in the herd.  If danger approaches the herd, the colts will see it first.  The colts will then run back to the other horses of the herd and notify them.